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Magnum Powder Coating

Magnum Powder Coating, Inc. was established in 1992 by Steve Couturier. Steve started powder coating in his garage while working for a local stadium chair manufacturer.  Steve has over 32 years experience with preparation and powder coating techniques.

Magnum is owned by Nancy Couturier. As a woman owned company Magnum has the ability to serve companies that are required to do business with woman owned and minority workplaces.


  • High volume production coating

Magnum continues to improve and grow with recycling heat, water, and powder. Magnum Powder Coating continues to grow in our globally competitive market. “We're not the biggest, although my intention is to be the best,” says Steve. Magnum stands behind every powder coated finish.

Powder for Sale

  • Powder Pricing is $15.00/pound for Smooth and Texture Hybrids, Polyesters, and Urethanes.
  • Powder is $20.00/pound for Metallic and Candy Price does not include shipping.
  • Shipping based on UPS fees.
  • Please use the contact page to inquire on stock product that is currently for sale.
  • Magnum accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover

Quick Facts

  • Company Goal:

    100% satisfaction on every job.

  • Business Established:

    April 1992 - Facility is 18,000 square feet with additional on-site storage of 1,600 square feet.

  • Experience:

    Over 28 years of experience with preparation, chemistry, and application technique.

  • Production Capacity:

    3' X 5' X 8'

  • Conveyor System:

    Over 1100' enclosed line capacity

    Stainless-steel 5-stage washer - Utilizing conversion coating wash/treatment for Steel and Aluminum substrates.

    Dedicated Zinc Primer Booth within system (2-coat, single pass) 3 x 5 x 8 replacing e-coat. Less shipping, one-stop process.

  • Stock Powder:

    Magnum stores all stock powder, direct from the manufacturer in a climate controlled atmosphere on site. Custom made and other requests are always accessible.

  • Lead Time:

    Up to 10 business days *Can accommodate most rush orders for an additional fee.

  • References:

    We would be happy to provide references for production.

    We would be happy to supply references for custom and production powder coating.

  • Production Hours:

    Monday - Friday: 6:00AM - 4:30AM

Magnum Powder Coating Building

"We have used Magnum for several years and their service and quality have been exceptional.  Our agreement with them is they pick up and deliver on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  However, they have been more than willing to slide rush jobs in on other than scheduled days.  On the rare occasion when there was a problem they resolved it immediately.  I wish all my suppliers were as responsive"
- Purchasing Agent at Flexco

Magnum Powder Coating Building Magnum Powder Coating Truck