Environmental Awareness

Magnum's process involves recycling of water, heat, powder, and when ever possible, paper, and tooling.  Magnum requests recycled material when purchasing office and shop supplies.  The Internet is used for transmitting most invoices and all banking is done on line.

Chemicals used in the 5-stage stainless steel wash system are monitored by an in shop mini laboratory, and the information is recorded twice a day.  Chemicals are formulated for low temperatures, eliminating excess heat and energy usage.  The wash system is cleaned every three months by the evaporation of water and having a licensed environmental waste company haul excess sludge.  Maintenance on equipment is listed in the STANDARD OF OPERATIONS manual within Magnum’s facility.

Powder coating does not emit VOC's and does not contain solvents, making it environmentally friendly.  Excess over spray is pre-heated at Magnum's facility to eliminate dust while being hauled, and is approved for disposal in land fills.

Please do not hesitate to contact our company with further questions or concerns regarding the LEED or Green friendly applications used within Magnum Powder Coating's facility.